Riverfront Fitness Preview

Riverfront Aerial at Dusk

With the skyline to the south and the beautiful Missouri River to the north, Riverfront Fitness is a series of unique, scenic fitness classes found nowhere else in Kansas City. Spend the summer with us at no cost to you as the day ends and the sun begins to set at Berkley Riverfront.

Our mission is to help people reach their fitness goals and have some fun doing it! And one more time, it is completely free to you. Classes will be led by some of Kansas City’s top fitness instructors.

Riverfront Fitness begins May 3rd and continues through September on most Wednesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. There will not be a Riverfront Fitness class on the fifth Wednesday of May and August.

Read on below for a preview of the classes provided each week. For more information, please visit the Riverfront Fitness Facebook page. To register and fill out the waiver, please click here. Each participant must fill out the online waiver before the fun can begin.

Week 1: Karma Tribe Yoga

Yoga in front of the Bond Bridge

Lauren will challenge the mind, body and spirit in an all-levels vinyasa flow class. The class can be easily scaled for all levels, from the first time practitioner to the experienced yogi. Lauren began practicing yoga in 2001, but really committed to a lifestyle change in 2013 when she went to the Costa Rican rainforest to learn from the masters at Frog Lotus Yoga. Lauren has now taught over 3,000 hours of classes. She says, “My aim is to provide a practice that is challenging, stress-relieving, focused hands-on, playful, and safe…to help you find your true self.”

Karma Tribe Yoga is a non-profit, donation based yoga studio. It is fully inclusive of all genders, races, religions and income levels, allowing students to pay what they can.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

Week 2: KC Physiques

This class will challenge participants with team fitness drills. Exercises include cardio, plyometrics, sprints, squats and more. Jesse and Laura from KC Physiques will lead the classes. Jesse spent 4 years in the Navy and uses his experiences to drive others to succeed. Laura became involved in fitness training as a new mother, with the goal to lose weight and gain self-confidence. Both decided to share their knowledge to inspire and help others and are now figure competitors and certified trainers.

KC Physiques offers personal training throughout the Kansas City area. The trainers pride themselves in customizing plans to maximize training time and meet each person’s individual goals.

Week 3: FitKC

Lacey and Katie are passionate about what they do, and they want to help you with their total body workout class. They will create different stations and lead various exercises for the upper body, lower body and core. This class is adjustable for all levels of fitness.

Riverfront Fitness leg exercises

Lacey and Katie met at the University of Central Missouri where they taught classes, conducted personal training and became best friends. Two years ago, they opened their own training and nutrition company called FitKC. They believe “there is so much more to fitness than just working out and eating right…it’s about your mindset & balance associated with a happy, healthy life!”

FitKC offers personal, online, and competition training along with nutrition planning.

Week 4: WebFit Nation

Zac & WebFit Nation will be hosting Family Game Night fitness activities. They will take classic games such as Go Fish, Yahtzee and Connect Four to the next level with burpees, jumping jacks, bodyweight exercises, and more. Bring the entire family!

Zac is a NASM certified personal trainer and a CrossFit Level I trainer. WebFit Nation personalizes gym programs for each client outside of gym times, so the client can make the most of time at the gym. Each program is individualized and flexible according to the clients’ needs.

Kids do exercises with playing cards


For more information on these trainers, please visit their websites: Karma Tribe Yoga, KC Physiques, FitKC, WebFit Nation

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